AR projects 


We have enjoyed building AR apps, and the examples here show how it can be used to engage people by adding a fun dimension to a project. In both examples here we have used AR to augment cakes, also made by us!


Augmented Reality Gingerbread house – Metropolitan Workshop


In the 2018 holiday season we were asked to participate, and introduce a new twist for a highly popular Christmas tradition. For this occasion we created a Gingerbread house with an Augmented Reality app to go with it. The whole setup was displayed at the Metropolitan Workshop’s main office, along with other gingerbread creations from all over London, with designs inspired and themed after the city’s streets, architecture, and Christmas culture.

AR at the Great Architectural Bake off – Velodrome

We teamed up with our sister company AVR London to compete in the Great Architectural bake off. For this occasion we turned to the best bakers in our company and decided to make a delicious Guinness infused cake based on the Olympic Velodrome. Our creation was not only delicious but was hiding a surprise. When you pointed your phone at the cake you could witness an exciting cycling race taking place inside our edible London Velodrome.

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