Business Lounge Experience + Global Bank

A well-known international bank, keen to stand out from the crowd at a global conference, challenged us to create an engaging VR experience to publicise their banking service innovation.

Curated VR experience, stills, animation
Choice of two VR journeys of 1.5/5 minutes
Fixed path with full interactivity
Five portable VR laptops/HTC Vive headsets
Unreal Engine 4.0
Project duration of four weeks

Our creative response was to transport the viewer straight to the tranquility of a luxe business lounge set in a Manhattan high-rise above a bustling New York Street.
With a dramatic dusk skyline as backdrop and ambient audio soundtrack, we led the viewer on a curated journey through the virtual lounge, stopping to watch two short films, without distraction.

To forge a strong, unforgettable imprint on memory we engineered a climatic and emotionally resonant finale. The walls of the business lounge gave way and the viewer is left floating in a galaxy explosive with sound, colour, words and imagery embodying the client’s new branding and service concept. Stills and animation were cut from the VR for wider publication and promotion on traditional web and handheld media.