Unified visualisation

At A-VR we take your project and bring it to life so we can roam around freely, and change everything dynamically such as lighting and materials. collateral is available at any time from the VR model which streamlines the process and makes for a happy collaboration.


  • Ideal for framing and showcasing key features and spaces of your project
  • Fast to produce and distribute to various teams and people involved in the project
  • Excellent for showcasing iterations and variety over the design phase


  • Design and perfect choreographed journeys and narratives throughout your project
  • Ideal for marketing material, consultations and public facing events

Interactive Experiences

  • Deliver content to the widest audience with an online 360 tour of the project
  • Provide fully interactive 3d models complete with lighting and materials online for review
  • Deliver Augmented and Mixed Reality models embedded in printed material

Virtual Reality

  • Provide the sense of scale and space that only VR can deliver
  • Deliver information with total clarity through immersion in VR
  • Provide an emotional connection to your project with presence

Flexible content, flexible production